How To Register Grab Driver In Malaysia - Updated 2023

How To Register Grab Driver In Malaysia - Updated 2023 

register grab driver in malaysia

Register as GrabCar driver and start earning with your car today! New applicants can now register Grab Driver for entire Malaysia without having to visit to any Grab GDC nor Grab Kiosk. With the current Skip-The-Line and online verification process, applicants may register directly via the form below and our assigned registration admins will assist you throughout your registration process. Account activation in 5-working-days for applicants with existing PSV License (Teksi/Ehailing) and e-hailing panel insurance!

Under the act of Ministry Of Transportation (MOT) in Malaysia, all registered Grab Drivers are required to have PSV license. However, for new applicants without PSV license, our admin will send guidelines on how to obtain PSV license in the shortest possible time.

All new applicants are entitled to claim up to RM400 from Grab. Which means Grab will reimburse all your regulation costs such as PSV license, JPJ medical examination, JPJ card, E-Hailing Puspakom inspection and EVP (E-Hailing Vehicle Permit).

Follow the instructions below to register Grab Driver and our admins will assist you on your Grab Driver registration process and PSV regulation procedure. 

Below are the states which have opening for new driver registration.
  1. Kuala Lumpur
  2. Selangor
  3. Johor
  4. Negeri Sembilan 
  5. Melaka
  6. Kedah
  7. Kuala Terengganu
  8. Kelantan
  9. Pulau Pinang
  10. Perak
  11. Pahang
  12. Perlis

Brief Introduction On Grab

Grab Holdings Inc., commonly known as Grab, is a multinational ride-hailing company started in Malaysia and currently based in Singapore. It now operates in the Southeast and East Asian countries of Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Grab has been one of the most popular part-time job in Malaysia since 2015. Many Malaysians have registered due to its flexibility in time and location. Drivers able to online anytime and anywhere they want.

What is GrabCar?

GrabCar is an E-Hailing service provided by Grab to pickup and send passengers from point A to point B. GrabCar has been in Malaysia since 2014 and it is currently well regulated by the Malaysia Ministry Of Transportation. Besides from transporting passengers, drivers with valid PSV (Public Service Vehicle) license may receive jobs to deliver food and parcels.

About GrabCar Driver Registration

Grab Driver Registration is FREE (no admin/agent fee will be incurred). Admin will not request any payment from new drivers. RM20 will be credited to Grab Wallet for free to all new drivers upon account activation.

Our registration admins will also guide you on government regulation procedures such as PSV License, Puspakom, EVP(E-Hailing Vehicle Permit) for APAD once your Grab Driver application is submitted via the Registration Form below.

Due to the complication of EVP(E-Hailing Vehicle Permit). We do not provide any car rental nor accept car registered under companies. For now, only Private Vehicle is accepted for registration.

P.S: For car rental companies out there, kindly inform your rental clients to terminate their Grab Driver account AFTER they have decided to return the cars to you. Else your new rental clients will not receive their Grab EVP allocation with APAD.

Grab Driver Registration Form (Android/IOS):

KL Selangor Grab Driver Registration App (Android Only) :

Download KL Selangor Grab Driver Registration app.

Grab Driver Requirements:

  1. Car Manufacture year 2014 and above.
  2. Malaysian Citizen(MyKad Only) aged 21-years old and above.
  3. Blue MyKad holder only (MyPR are NOT accepted)
  4. Driving License D/DA (P License NOT accepted)
  5. Any IOS 10.0 /Android 4.1 above Smartphone.

Required Documents:

Kindly refer to Registration Form for sample of documents. It is important to take the exact photo format. Find out more info on documentation via the link below:
  1. Profile Photo
    • It will be used as FACE VERIFICATION for your Grab Driver App. In order to ensure passenger able recognise you easily, you are not allowed to wear cap/hat/sunglasses in the photo.
  2. IC Photo (Front)
    • Take a photo of your IC(MyKad). Scanned/Photostate is NOT accepted. Ensure there is no flash on the details of the IC. Drivers are advised watermark the edge of your MyKad for security purposes.
  3. Car Insurance Covernote 
    • Take a photo of your latest car insurance covernote.
    • Makesure your name is inside the insurance covernote Driver List (All Driver/Authorised Driver is accepted). 
    • The covernote required is the page contains full details of the car e.g. chassis number, engine number, policy pricing, expiry date)
  4. JPJ Grant Photo
    • Original/Scanned copy of your JPJ Grant is required.
For Existing Grab Partners such as GrabCar, Grab Food, Grab Express, Grab Bike, Grab Passengers. Contact below Grab Existing Driver Support Centre.

Register Grab Driver Malaysia

Online Verification (New Drivers)

For new applicants signed up and register Grab Driver via Grab Website or Grab Driver app but have not receive feedback by Grab admins.

WhatsApp 60168000804 for document verification assist (New Applicants Only; Not applicable to existing drivers). Our admins will send instructions to proceed with your registration and verification.

How do I start from here?

  1. Check whether you have met all the driver requirements above. As Grab driving is a passenger transportation job. Vehicle with 4 doors is a must. Due to Malaysia ministry of transport (MOT) regulation, only 2014 and above vehicles are accepted.

  2. Gather the four (4) basic required documents above.

  3. Sign up via the Grab Driver Registration Form above and follow the instruction to contact your respective registration admin. A complete Grab Driver Online Training module will be SMS/Email to you as well.

  4. All new applicants will be handheld by registration admins throughout the registration process. This is to ensure applicants are at the right path at all times. Our admins will revert all applicants within 24-hours (Monday - Friday) so applicants do not have to go through the process blindly or make multiple trips to Grab GDC. Our admins will manage until account is successfully activated.

  5. Once applicant has successfully comply to all the instructions sent by our admins. Just wait for Approval and Activation SMS/Email which will take approximately 5-working days.

How to register as GrabFood Rider with my motorcycle? 

If you are currently reside at Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or Putrajaya areas. You can sign up as a GrabFood rider. Visit below link for more information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What are the cost to be a Grab Driver in Malaysia?
Firstly, the cost of Grab Driver registration is free(no agent/service fee). However, new drivers have to obtain PSV License, additional e-hailing insurance for the car, Puspakom inspection (Vehicle aged 3-years and above). Due to the price variation of PSV License. Below are the estimation:
  1. PSV License = RM80-RM200 (Max based on government regulation)
  2. E-Hailing Insurance = RM1-3/day ; RM300-500/annually (Varies on different insurance company)
  3. Puspakom E-Hailing Inspection = RM75 for first time; RM55 for following years.
  4. Grab EVP (E-Hailing Vehicle Permit) = Grab covers the cost of EVP worth RM115.
Sign up via the form above. Our admins will further verify what is required for your application.

2) Does Grab provide PSV course?
Yes. Grab does provide PSV course but only in KL SELANGOR area due to restriction from Ministry Of Transport. The cost for PSV With Grab is RM80 inclusive of 6-hours course, meal and examination. Grab will also reimburse RM80 after your account is successfully activated. It means your PSV License is free under Grab. Sign up today.

3) Are there any on-going reimbursement program from Grab?
Yes. All applicants obtained their PSV License entitle for Grab reimbursement now.

For applicants completed their PSV license with driving institutes, they are entitled a maximum of RM100 reimbursement from Grab. On the other hand, for applicants completed their PSV license will be reimbursed a maximum of RM80. Means it is free to obtain PSV license with Grab.

All reimbursement from Grab will only be processed after account is activated.

Beside that, applicants with vehicle older than 2.5 years can claim a maximum of RM70 for their first Puspakom e-hailing inspection.

Reimbursement Summary:
PSV Course = RM100 with Driving Institutes ; RM80 with Grab
Puspakom Inspection = RM70 (All drivers)
EVP (E-Hailing Vehicle Permit) = RM115 (All drivers)

4) To whom should I made the above payments to?
All payments should be made to their respective companies eg. PSV With Grab to GrabCar Sdn Bhd account. Our registration admins WILL NOT request any payments from drivers. All payments shall be made to respective account eg: GrabCar, Puspakom, Insurance Companies.

5) How much commission percentage will Grab take?
Grab will take 20% from your total fare per trip.

6) What are GrabCar Vehicle Requirements?
There are different types of services on Grab to cater to every passengers’ needs. Each service has its own set of fares as well as requirements to be on that service type; such as the car model, driver’s performance, etc. Due to Ministry Of Transport regulation, company registered vehicles and 4WD (Hilux, Triton, Ranger) are NOT accepted as E-Hailing vehicle.

7) I read not all insurance companies provide E-Hailing coverage. Is it true?
Yes. Most insurance companies in Malaysia provide E-Hailing coverage EXCEPT Takaful Malaysia, Tune Protect, AIG and RHB Insurance. Refer to your registration admin for more info.

8) How flexible is driving for Grab?
Grab operates 24-hour 7-days a week. Driver able to be online and drive at anytime based on their own schedule.

Refer to your registration admin for more information.

9) What are the Potential Income?
On average, Grab drivers able to generate RM20-40 per hour depends on the demand. It is totally up to the driver how much they want to generate for the week.

10) Can I drive Grab with vehicle that doesn't belong to me?
Yes you can. GrabCar drivers are allowed to operate with cars not under their ownership with the terms below:

The GrabCar driver's name must be stated inside the insurance covernote.

11) Can I register GrabFood Car?
All services provided by car is under GrabCar category. Therefore, registration will be managed under GrabCar Driver.

12) I am an Army (TDM,TUDM,TLDM). Can I register as Grab Driver?
Yes you can IF you have approval letter from your superior/commanding officer. JPJ will only allow you to apply for PSV class if you have approval letter.

13) I am an existing GrabCar driver. What should I do?
If you have driven for Grab (GrabCar/ GrabFood/ GrabBike/ Grab Express/ GrabTaxi/ MyTeksi) before.

You DO NOT have to register again. Submit your reboarding application via the link: Grab Reboarding Form and contact Grab Support 0327881300 to for your account reactivation status. Grab will send your SMS for further instructions once approved.

14) How to register GrabFood rider with my motorcycle?
Check this link below for Grabfood Registration for Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas.

Thank you.

Grab Driver Acquisition Team

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  1. Da bayar untuk psv license tapi takde dapat email

    1. For new drivers, kindly register via the form above for further instructions and guidelines.

      Our fellow admins will revert accordingly.

  2. Sudah membayar psv traning rm80..takde reply email dari grab

    1. For new drivers, kindly register via the form above for further instructions and guidelines.

      Our fellow admins will revert accordingly.

  3. My Camry car is 2008 and in very good condition. Can the manufacture year be waived. Thank you

    1. In 2020, Vehicle Requirement is 2011 and above based on JPJ Grant.

      Strictly no exemption. Should you find your car manufactured date is mistaken. Kindly refer to JPJ to make the necessary amendment.


    Terima kasih atas admin sudi memberi panduan untuk mendaftar dan mengaktifkan account dengan lancar.

    Setelah ulang-alik GDC 2-3 kali dan tiada jawapan. Terimakasih en. elex.

  5. Semasa pkp training dibatal, tapi sampai sekarang belum dapat email utk training, apa perlu saya buat.

    1. Boleh hantar message ke nombor WhatsApp admin di atas. Admin akan semak semula pendaftaran Grab Driver anda.

      Terima kasih

  6. Hi . How to get JPJ Grant ?

    1. You can retrieve your JPJ Grant from your loaner bank or reprint at JPJ Branch at the cost of RM50

  7. Macam mana nak cek pendaftaran?sy dah daftar

    1. Selepas borang di atas telah berjaya dihantar. Admin akan balas langkah seterusnya kepada anda dalam masa yang terdekat.

  8. Can Haval H2 be a Grab car, thanks,

    1. Asalkan usia kereta 10-tahun dan ke bawah mengikuti tarikh pendaftaran di geran JPJ

  9. Jika saya memilih Negeri Sembilan untuk Negeri Pemanduan tapi saya nak juga pandu di Negeri Selangor, boleh ke ?

    1. Untuk pendaftaran kali pertama. Sila WhatsApp admin untuk bandar pendaftaran anda.

      Terima kasih.

  10. Saya ada beli kenderaan 2013 sambung bayar ada dokumen cop mati setem dari LHDN menyatakan ianya adalah kenderaan saya..tapi boleh ke saya nak apply sbg pemandu grab?dan apa langkah awalnya mohon bantu saya

    1. Boleh. Asalkan cik mempunyai Geran JPJ yang asal. Kereta cik layak memohon.

  11. Salam admin
    Kereta saya di daftar atas nama isteri saya... boleh kah saya yg memandu utk grab?

    1. Boleh. Encik daftar melalui borang pendaftaran tertera di atas dahulu. Admin pendaftaran akan semak dan kemaskini untuk encik nanti.

  12. Nak daftar rider grabfood boleh guna lesen L?

  13. Kereta 2011 akan tamat tempoh 10 tahun. Selepas ni kerera 2011 dah tak layak?

    1. Betul. APAD hanya membenarkan kereta berusia 10-tahun ke bawah untuk beroperasi untuk perkhidmatan E-hailing. Usia kereta mengikuti tarikh pendaftaran yang tertera di atas geran JPJ.

      Untuk tahun-2021, hanya kereta buatan 2012 ke atas diterima.

  14. Sy nk daftar grab car.. Sy baru lulus ujian memandu dan baru dpt lesen P apakah sy tidak diterima

    1. Sila rujuk syarat pemandu di atas.

      Terima kasih.

  15. Replies
    1. Sila rujuk syarat pendaftaran di atas.

  16. Hi. Bagaimana cara untuk buat lesen PSV dalam keadaan PKP sekarang?
    Saya tinggal di Kuala Lumpur berdekatan kawasan PJ/Bangsar

    1. Untuk mengelakkan sindiket penipuan atas urusan JPJ dan Kursus, admin akan memberi langkah dan panduan untuk memohon Lesen PSV dengan pihak yang sah dan rasmi dari JPJ.

      Rujuk kepada admin selepas permohonan GrabCar di atas telah dihantar.

      Terima kasih.

  17. Can i use proton suprima s year as a grab car

    1. Yes. Sign up via the registration link above will do.

      Thank you.

  18. Hi nak Tanya. Kereta I is Toyota voxy 8 seater tahun buat 2016 and register kat malaysia December 2020. Boleh buat grabcar?

    And I sudah ada psv expiring dengan my driving license in July 2022. Apa langkah seterusnya?

    1. Sila hantar permohonan seperti yang tertera di atas dan rujuk langkah whatsapp admin di dalam email.

      Terima kasih


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