How To Register Grab Driver In Malaysia - Updated 2020

How To Register Grab Driver In Malaysia And Receive Free Start Up Credit
Due to the recent COVID19 pandemic, Grab has taken the initiative to comply to RMCO(Recovery Movement Control Order) SOP.  New drivers can now register Grab Driver for entire Malaysia without having to visit to any Grab GDC nor Grab Kiosk. With the current Skip-The-Line and online verification process, you can register directly via the form below and our assigned registration admins will assist you throughout your registration process.

Under the act of Ministry Of Transportation (MOT) in Malaysia, all registered Grab Drivers are required to have PSV license. However, for new drivers without PSV license, our admin will send guidelines on how to obtain PSV license in the shortest possible time.

Follow the instructions below to register Grab Driver and our admins will assist you on your Grab Driver registration process and PSV regulation procedure.
Below are the states which have opening for new driver registration.

Grab Driver Cancellation Fee RM3 (Sebab-sebab kenapa anda tak dapat cancellation fee)

Cancellation Compensation | Pampasan Pembatalan

You’ll receive compensation into your Cash Wallet when:
Anda akan menerima pampasan ke dalam cash wallet apabila:
Anda tidak akan menerima pampasan sekiranya:
If you are entitle to receive the cancellation fee and it does not reflect into your cash wallet, fill this form:Sekiranya anda layak untuk mendapatkan pampasan pembatalan tetapi anda tidak menerima di dalam cash wallet anda, isi borang di bawah:

A passenger cancels the trip after 5 minutes of booking.
Penumpang membatalkan trip selepas 5 minit tempahan dibuat.

You cancel the trip due to a Passenger no-show.
Penumpang tidak muncul.

You cancel a GrabShare trip because there were more than 2 passengers.
Penumpang yang book Grabshare tapi lebih yang muncul dari 2 orang.

You will not receive any compensation if:

Previous Back to Back Job is still in progress.
Masih di dalam back to back job.

The passenger cancels the booking less than 5 minutes of booking.
Penumpang cancel kurang dari 5minit selepas tempahan dibuat.

You took too longer than usual to arrive at the pick-up point.
Anda mengambil masa yang terlalu lama dan pelik daripada biasa untuk sampai ke tempat pickup.

You did not travel towards the passenger.
Anda tidak memandu ke arah penumpang.

You have been abusing cancellation reasons such that it does not impact your cancellation rate.
Anda menyalahgunakan pengunaan pembatalan supaya tidak menjejaskan kadar pembatalan anda.